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From Block Paving to Grounds Maintenance in Winchester
Points to Consider When Planning Your Garden

To make the most of your garden, it is important to carefully plan each component and how they will fit together. With professional guidance, it does not matter how big or small your space is; there are ways to incorporate hard and soft landscaping into any space to create exactly what you want. Offering garden design and a vast range of services, from turfing to patio laying and new driveways, our Winchester landscaping company helps achieve your goals. In this guide, we highlight important considerations to make to maximise available space and ensure your garden works for you. This includes looking at different features you need, such as block paving or fencing.

With experience providing garden renovations as well as grounds maintenance solutions for a diverse range of customers, we have a level of insight you will not find outside of the trade. This puts us in the perfect position to advise on garden design considerations.

How do you want to use the space?

The first thing to think about is what you want to use your garden for. For example, do you want a play area for the kids or a space for adults to relax and entertain? In smaller gardens, there is not much scope for different zones, but you can still use the space for one or two purposes. A popular option is to include turf and patio laying services in domestic projects, creating a lawn area alongside a patio or deck.

When it comes to larger gardens in Winchester, there is more potential to create separate zones divided by walls, decorative fencing or flower beds. Whatever the size of your space, it is important to think about practicality. Incorporating some block paving or other hard surface into your design will ensure you have somewhere to stand a table and/or chairs.

For front gardens, think about what will give you the most use from the space. Few people use their front gardens as a living or social space, so will benefit from turning the front garden into a new driveway.

Remember, determining how you will use your garden will help decide the individual features you need.

How much time do you have for garden maintenance?

Even small gardens can quickly get out of hand without regular maintenance. To ensure you continue enjoying your outdoor space without stress, our landscaping company recommends keeping maintenance requirements in mind when planning your garden renovation. Think about how much time you have for maintenance, how much you want to undertake and what tools/skills you will need.

You can always get help with garden and grounds maintenance; Alex Green Landscapes provides one-off and contractual solutions for homeowners as well as commercial clients in Winchester. However, if you plan to care for your garden yourself, you might want to opt for low maintenance features.

For example, our patio laying and new driveway construction services create areas which require minimal cleaning and care. Block paving is one of the lowest maintenance options for such surfaces. Our team can also provide artificial grass and advise on low maintenance plants.

Create a continuous design

When adding features to your Winchester property, you want to tie everything together to create an attractive, continuous design. This results in a stylish and professional appearance. For paved areas, including driveways, patios and paths, choose the same or similar materials, colours, patterns and shapes.

Using lots of different colours and materials for hard landscaping results in a chaotic look. If there is existing paving or brickwork around the property, use similar shades and tones for new features.

Our landscaping company can also advise on ways to create a natural flow throughout your garden and different zones. Thoughtful layouts combined with walkways, screening and other landscaping elements will enhance your garden design. Furthermore, our tailored grounds maintenance services help keep all aspects of your garden in excellent condition so you can continue to enjoy the design as it is meant to be.

For grounds maintenance, block paving and full garden design in Winchester and the surrounding areas, call 07810 770891.